Agriculture Census

Agriculture is acknowledged to be of great significance for humans and animals alike. It provides them with the most essential strategic stocks of indispensable staple food in all circumstances. Grains and feed are necessary for livestock that provide humans with meat and milk. Besides, vegetables, fruits and dates are reckoned important for food security. As a matter of fact, some agricultural products supply raw materials needed for the production of many necessary food products. Accurate and comprehensive statistical data on all agricultural holdings should be supplied. To that end, GAStat seeks to provide such data by carrying out a comprehensive census aiming at supplying as many statistical tables containing the most important data and statistical indicators as needed for planning and developing agricultural strategies. The agriculture census is the key source of agricultural information as it covers all agricultural holdings in KSA. Moreover, it demonstrates data on characteristics of all agricultural holdings characteristics at all geographic and administrative levels in KSA. It also presents an integrated, up-to-date framework for future agricultural surveys based on sampling.

Agricultural Census Inclusiveness

The agricultural census involves:

  • All farmland included in agricultural holdings outside in the approved administrative organization of cities and villages by organizational schemes provided by municipalities
  • Old holdings included in the administrative organization of cities and villages
  • Agricultural holdings in which livestock are bred stably, and which contain at least one camel, one cow, fifteen heads of sheep or goats, thirty chicken or five bee hives.
  • Fish Aquaculture farms
  • Poultry farms of various types

The Agricultural census does not include:

  • Economic units engaged in activities not listed in the scope of the agricultural census, namely:
  • Fishing, hunting and breeding wild hunting animals - Forestry or logging
  • Parks and public gardens - Private and government nurseries,
  • Agricultural Services establishments - Marine fisheries,
  • Private bunkhouses which are not designed to direct agricultural economic exploitation - Cattle sale yards.


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